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Steve and Wendy Hinton


65 Tivnon Lane
Orillia (Atherley)
ON L3V 1B8

Port Carling
Main Street Hwy 118 "at the locks"
Chicken coop or half spindle rocking chair and so much more available from Hinton Antiques Orillia Ontario
Castor (Beaver)

Perhaps, aside from our present day flag, the universal symbol of Canada is the Beaver. From the earliest fur trading with the Company of 100 Associates  (Champlain), coureur de bois, to the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Company, the Beaver was the prize pelt and synonymous with Canada. A wonderful thoughtful carving!

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Michel Fortin Contemporary Wood Carvings

Beaver folk art wood carving by Michel Fortin.
Front view of beaver folk art wood carving by Michel Fortin.
Michel Fortin Signature Beaver folk art wood carving.
Bottom view showing teeth of beaver folk art wood carving.
Detail view of beaver tail Michel Fortin.
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